Department of Arkansas

Officers and Staff

Department Commandant – Doug Blair

Department Commandant
Depatment Senior Vice Commandant

Department Sr Vice Commandant – Jim Howington

Department Jr. Vice Commandant – Paul Garrett

Department Jr. Vice Commandant
Department Judge Advocate

Department Judge Advocate – James Gibson

Department Paymaster

Department Paymaster
Department Adjutant

Department Adjutant

Department Web Sgt. – Chris McDonald

               Chris McDonald submitted his application for membership in the Marine Corps. League on November 4th, 2014 and was accepted by Marine Corps. League National Headquarters in January 2015.

               In May of that year he was ejected to Senior Vice Commandant of the Sidney S. McMath/Razorback Detachment 532 in Little Rock, Arkansas. After his Ejection, he was assigned the position of Web Sergeant later that year.

               In May 2015, He was assigned the position of Department Web Sergeant for the State of Arkansas.

Department Assistant Web Sargeant

Department Assistant Web Sargent